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28 February


The productive and financial results of the Don Coca-Cola HBC Russia plant work became one of the topics during the meeting of the delegation of Rostov region with the company's management at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi. The parties discussed prospects for expanding cooperation, including in the context of the partnership between Coca-Cola and the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) and the preparation of the Rostov Region for the 2018 World Cup. In addition, the issues of state support for investors, development of the system of benefits and preferences, which stimulate the investment activity of business in the regions were considered.

Let us recall, that right during one of the Sochi Forum Rostov region signed an agreement with Coca-Cola HBC Russia on the project of building a drink plant in the Novoaleksandrovsky Industrial Park (Azov district). The Coca-Cola HBC Russia plant in the Rostov region is the largest among all Coca-Cola plants in Eastern Europe. Its production capacity is 450 million liters of drinks per year.

“Initially Coca-Cola HBC Russia invested in the plant building in Novoaleksandrovka $120 mln, after that the business has been expanding by means of new productive lines”, as pointed out by Igor Burakov, the CEO of the Investment Promotion Agency of Rostov region. “Actually the company constantly invests in the Don economy, creates new working places, cooperates with other international companies, working in the region, and local businesses”.     

According to Coca-Cola HBC Russia, the company created direct working places for more than 1,400 residents of the Southern Federal District. At the same time, each place in the Coca-Cola system provides up to 6 jobs in related areas: agriculture, retail, services. From 80% to 90% of materials and supplies for the production of drinks in Russia the company buys from local suppliers.

During the meeting of the Don delegation with the representatives of Coca-Cola HBC Russia at the forum in Sochi, it became known that in 2016 the company had implemented the motivation program "Enter the history" for the first time.

The teams of 11 plants of Coca-Cola HBC Russia have been working for a year to improve the efficiency of individual production lines. As a result, the team "Phoenix" of the plant in the Rostov region showed the best results: the efficiency of the PET line, where the bottling of drinks is carried into plastic packaging, has grown by almost 13% due to optimization of energy consumption, productivity growth, service quality and a number of other indicators. Now this production site at the plant in the Azov region will be "nominal", and Don experts will enter the history of Coca-Cola HBC Russia.

Meeting of the CEO of Investment Promotion Agency of Rostov region, Igor Burakov with the delegation of Coca-Cola HBC Russia at the Sochi-2017 Forum

Coca-Cola HBC Russia plant in the Rostov region is the largest one among all Coca-Cola plants in Eastern Europe

The Director of Coca-Cola HBC Russia in the Rostov region, Alexander Antonov and the team "Phoenix"