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2 August


"TECHNO" plant for the production of rock wool in Rostov region was included in the program "TN-recycling" of the TECHNONICOL Corporation. In addition to the production of basalt insulation, the company in the Krasnosulinsky Industrial Park will also deal with the utilization of old mineral cotton insulation. TECHNONICOL Company is the only Russian manufacturer of heat-insulating materials offering such kind of service to all wishing.

"The TN-recycling program solves the problem of the proper utilization of rock wool and helps customers to reduce waste disposal costs. After the processing of rock wool, we use the obtained material in production again, that is, we consume less natural resources, "says Konstantin Kozetov, the head of technical support of the direction “Mineral insulation” TECHNONICOL.

"TECHNO Plant" in Krasniy Sulin is one of the most modern rock wool plant in Europe and the largest one in the south of Russia. Here, more than 100 types of basalt heat insulation are produced. In the implementation of the project, included in the "Governor's hundred" of the priority investment projects in the Rostov region, TECHNONICOL invested over 3.5 billion rubles.

“Krasnosulinsky rock wool plant is an advanced enterprise, including regard with the production safety for the environment”, said Igor Burakov, the CEO of the Investment Promotion Agency of Rostov Region. "The recycling program launched in the Year of Ecology creates new opportunities for the development of cooperation between the industry leader and local business."

According to the company, potential participants of the program "TH-recycling" - are, first of all, subcontracting construction organizations that perform the dismantling of old layers of rock wool and laying new ones. Large volumes of old thermal insulation material are formed, for example, when replacing the roof sheets. In the interests of the environment, mineral wool insulation should not be thrown away, but should be disposed in a special way, this is extra expenses and hassle for builders. TECHNONICOL collects and delivers the waste to their factories in Ryazan, Zainsk (Tatarstan) and Krasniy Sulin (Rostov region) free of charge. Customers only need to pack mineral wool insulation on pallets and load in cars. After delivery to the factory, the old insulation is sent for ecological processing.