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30 March


The II All-Russian Forum of Food Safety will take place on April 27-28 in Rostov-on-Don, which will bring together the key agricultural regions of Russia, leaders of domestic food industry and related industries.

The key topic of the II All-Russian Forum of Food Safety - green products are a basis for the nation’s health. It meets the priorities of Russian national security strategy, Russian food safety doctrine, “Food quality improvement strategy in Russian Federation prior to 2030”, purposes and objectives of today’s yeas of ecology in Russia. In the context of the key point, the forum is going to discuss the potential of domestic food industry in green products production, issues of food quality control, development of healthy nutrition of the population, etc.
The initiative for the All-Russian Forum of Food Safety was launched by the Rostov region governor Vasily Golubev and was supported by the Russian President Vladimir Putin. On a plenary meeting of the I All-Russian Forum of Food Safety, the Prime Minister of Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev made a speech. The forum is supported by the Government of Russian Federation, Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Government of Rostov region.

“As opposed to the first All-Russian Forum of Food Safety, in which the main point was the necessity to increase the food output for guaranteeing Russian food sovereignty, now the emphasis is shifted towards the quality but not quantity” – the  CEO of the Investment Promotion Agency of Rostov region, Igor Burakov said.

“Green products are a basis for the nation’s health” is a point that increases the forum audience, as it concerns not only the specialists and professionals, but also the whole population of Russia. Green healthy food production, the food ration structure of the population – investments into humansaving and development of human capital, which, in its term, now is becoming the key factor of production, economic growth, competitive power of our country. Actually, national greed food production, providing scientifically based nutrition rations – no less effective direction of human capital development, than medicine and education”. Now the registration of participants, media accreditation is proceeding on the official website of the II All-Russian Forum of Food Safety: форумпродбезопасность.рф (

Acceptance of applications for participants of the exhibition that will take place on the ground of the II All-Russian Forum of Food Safety is coming to an end. Expositions of Russian regions and food producers, as well as the producers of farming machinery, seed, fertilizers, equipment, and food packing will be exhibited here.

The leading Russian companies working in the food industry and related spheres will act as partners of the forum. Among them – a global leader in sausage skin production, Atlantis Pak company; Rostselmash – one of the world’s leading producer of farming machinery; the leading Russian producer and exporter of vegetable oil and oil meal – Yug Rusi; PhosAgro group – the biggest fertilizer supplier to the Russian market; and many others.