Investment Promotion Agency of Rostov Region

Yuzhnyi Khab

“Yuzhnyi Khab”– the largest airport in the south of Russia

The project is aimed at creating in the suburb of Rostov-on-Don a  large transportation junction including car and railroad interchanges that are crucial to the South of Russia, a sea port and warehouse complexes, and the central, most important site – the Southern Hub international airport.

The project features
* 12 km – distance to Rostov-on-Don;
* A 1-class airport; a class “A” airfield;
* 1029 ha — airport’s total area;
* 4200 m — the length of the runway capable of receiving all types of modern long-distance aircrafts;
* 8 million passengers and 70 thousand tons of cargo – the airport’s acceptance rate;
* 20.1 billion rubles — the total investment volumes;
* 2.3 billion rubles — the investments in the engineering infrastructure.

* a public private partnership.
* 40-50% of the cost of the project are the expenses connected with creating state-owned facilities (the runway, bearing tracks,  and the lighting equipment).
* The passenger terminal, the fueling complex, the terminals and the parking lots are financed by private capital.

* the length and the bearing capacity of the new runway creates the possibility for receiving all types of modern long-distance aircrafts;
* it is possible to install a second parallel runway;
* the airport has the potential for increasing the traffic volume to 12 million people in the long-term perspective;
* it is possible to build effective logistics due to the position close to the main land transportation routs and junctions;
* in the immediate vicinity from the airport there is an opportunity to build an industrial park with light assembly shops, to create a new industrial zone and develop the logistic complexes appearing in the area;
* it is possible to build effective intermodal traffic;
* the airport has a favorable position against the air routes;
* the take-off and landing is performed away from the residential zones;
* the airport is the largest one in the Southern Federal District

* The construction of the new airport releases the territory of the current airport of Rostov-on-Don for advanced development. In addition, placing the airport out of town will create the opportunity to eliminate the limitations for the development of the districts situated around the current airport.

* The implementation of the Southern Hub project creates a favorable situation for the rapid growth of the resort and treatment industry on the south coast of the Azov Sea (Priazovskaya tourist and recreation area), the sea coast with the best accessibility in Russia. The expected number of holidaymakers per year  is 3 million people.
* Transportation costs will be lowered thanks to the integrated development of all the types of transportation and transportation communications, and the elimination of infrastructural limitations will create an impulse for the development of the enterprises in the Southern-Bataysk industrial zone.
* The transportation and logistics complex of the Southern Hub is capable of servicing the megalopolis of the Rostov agglomeration (Rostov-on-Don and its satellite towns) with the total population of over 2 million people.

* Russia needs one large “connection” airport in the south. The chosen location in the suburb of Rostov-on-Don is perfect for building the Southern Hub for a whole number of reasons.

This can be proved by the fact that the Southern Hub Project was included in the  Federal Target Program “Development of the Russian Transportation System in 2010-2015.”