Investment Promotion Agency of Rostov Region

Don industrial parks

Rostov Region is one of the best places in the Russian Federation for the construction of new factories and plants. Such multinational companies as Mars, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Guardian, Praxair, Air Products, Sucden, TechnoNIKOL have already chosen Rostov Region as a site for implementing their industrial projects. 

The main reasons for choosing the industrial parks:
- The multi-sided approach to infrastructure helps dramatically reduce the corresponding expenses;
- The sites were chosen and targeted for the creation of industrial parks from the very start, and their collective use makes it easier and cheaper to settle all official procedures and get all the necessary permits;
- The vast territory of Rostov Region and low land prices create the chance for placing all production facilities on one level;
- The proximity to large cities on the Don solves the problem of supplying human resources for the new factories and plants;
- Since the projects are being implemented in the form of public private partnerships, the region co-finances the creation of the necessary engineering infrastructure in the industrial zones.

The projects in the Don industrial parks start in shortest possible time and with minimal expenses.

Local industrial parks have been created in Rostov Region. These are territories with full infrastructure ready for construction of new plants and logistics complexes.

Novoalexandrovskiy Industrial Park

It is an operating industrial park with the total area of 161 hectares. The park has perfect flat land and excellent logistics. t is located in Azovskiy District, 0 km away from Rostov-on-Don. First park stage is 86 hectares, the second stage – 75 hectares.

  • On the premises of the first stage, there are all communications and objects of infrastructure. The engineering networks have surplus of free capacities. New park residents will enjoy low costs of connecting to the engineering infrastructure and quick project launches.
  • The industrial park is more suitable for companies with relatively small sanitary protective zones. At the moment, 8 projects of both Russian and foreign companies are localized in Novoalexandrovskiy Industrial Park (Coca-Cola Hellenic, Ball Packaging Europe, Danone, Air Products, Aston, Donelectrostal, Rostov Varnish and Paint Plant and Rostov Champagne Plant).
  • The park resident - Coca-Cola Hellenic. The plant in Rostov Region is the corporation’s largest and most advanced production facility in Eastern Europe, the only plant in Russia constructed on “greenfield” (literally, in the open field). Total investment volume into the project is over $120 million. Production capacity is 450 million litres of soft drinks per year.
  • The park resident - Air Products (among four world’s leading producers of technical gases). The project in Rostov Region is the company’s largest investment in Russia (1.1 billion rubles). Air Products industrial gases plant with the total production volume of over 200 tons is to be put into operation in 2016. The project is included in “100 Governor’s Investment Projects” of Rostov Region.

Azov Industrial Park

  • Status: operating.
  • Location: southern outskirts of Azov. Total area: 220 hectares
  • The park is located within Rostov agglomeration (40 km from Rostov-on-Don)
  • The park is equipped with all necessary infrastructure, has good transport accessibility (with interregional motor roads located nearby). It is possible to lay a rail track. The Azov seaport is 7-10 km away.
  • PepsiCo (Frito Lay Manufacturing) plant - food products manufacturing, commissioned in 2010.
  • Production capacity of PepsiCo plant is up to 58 thousand tons of food products per year.
    Production lines include a technological line for potato chips production and an extruder line for corn puffs and croutons production.
  • The total volume of investments in two stages is $180 million. The number of PepsiCo workers is over 700 people, plus over 200 additional workplaces indirectly created by the plant. 
    PepsiCo plant in Azov complies with the highest energy-saving and environmental standards. It was the first production facility of the company in Russia to pass LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, which confirmed its “green” status.


Krasniy Sulin Industrial Park

  • t is an operating industrial park, which is located between the towns of Shakhty, Novoshakhtinsk, and Krasniy Sulin, (combined population – over 400 thousand people).
    Distance to Rostov-on-Don is 75 km.
  • Krasniy Sulin Industrial Park is one of the best places in Russia for locating industrial production facilities: it has a unique combination of features and good reviews from investors, who have already implemented their projects here.
  • The total area of the park is 1000 hectares.
  • The park has all necessary engineering infrastructure; today, new infrastructure capacities are being created considering the development potential of the park area.
  • The residents of the park include the American companies Guardian and Praxair, and the Russian corporation TechnoNIСOL.
  • One of the first park’s residents is Guardian – Number 3 in the world in float-glass production, with total investments of $260 million.  On May 13, 2011, the official ceremony of foundation stone laying took place; in December 2012, the plant shipped its first finished production.
  • The production capacity of the Guardian plant in Rostov region is 900 tons of glass per day, which makes it the largest production facility of Guardian corporation in the world.
  • Another park resident is the American company PRAXAIR (#3 in the global industrial gases market).  The first industrial gases production line was commissioned in December 2012. Total investments volume into the project is around $22 million.
  • The park resident – the Russian corporation TechnoNIСOL, Europe’s largest producer and supplier of roofing, waterproofing and heat-insulating materials, – choose the park for the project of basalt fiber mineral insulation plant.
    Total investments volume is 3 billion rubles. The project is included in “100 Governor’s Investment Projects” of Rostov region.


Oktyabrskiy Industrial Park

  • It is an operating industrial park with the total area of 300 hectares. The park is situated in the central part of Oktyabrskiy District, adjacent to the southeastern border of the town of Shakhty (population over 240 thousand people).
  • Today, 5 projects are being implemented in the park. The park has good transport accessibility (distance to М4 Don federal motorway - 15 km) and a convenient vehicle exit from its territory.
  • Distance to Rostov-on-Don is 70 km.
  • The park resident Eurodon is the largest turkey meat producer in Russia. The company’s turkey facilities are among the best in the world. The company employs 5,000 people. In the nearest future, due to the implementation of investment projects, the number of employees will double. 
    In 2016 the company is planning to increase the turkey production capacity to 120 thousand tons in live weight per year.
  • The resident MetallDon has a metal structures plant, a hot galvanizing plant, a sandwich-panels production facility and a painting shop in the park.
  • The resident of the park IrDon has a house-building plant with the production capacity of 150,000 square meters of housing supply per year. It is a joint project with Avermann company (Germany).



Novocherkasskiy Industrial Park

  • The emerging brownfield park with the total area of 219 hectares.
    The park is created on the basis of the former Novocherkassk Synthetic Products Plant. Today, the park has 4 residents: NPO Spetsmash (heavy engineering machinery overhaul), SSE (dry building mixes production), NTK (bitumen-concrete mixes production), and Sun Island (gas-concrete blocks production).
    Main competitive advantages of the park are the following: excellent location within Rostov agglomeration (distance to Rostov-on-Don - 35 km, distance to М4 Don federal motorway - 15 km), ready-to-use infrastructure.
  • The park has all necessary engineering infrastructure, including water treatment facilities, ready-to-use two-storied production shops, logistics area, motor roads and railways within the park.
    Novocherkasskiy park is particularly attractive for locating resource-intensive production facilities of 3-5 hazard classes and plants belonging to small or medium-size businesses. The park infrastructure helps to reduce costs and ensures quick start of projects.  


Ust-Donetsk Port Logistics Park

  • The park is created on base of Ust-Donetsk port, one of the largest river ports in the South of Russia. Distance to Rostov-on-Don is 140 km.
  • Total area (including the water area) is 150 hectares.
  • The area available for locating new production facilities is about 60 hectares.
  • The park has good transport accessibility. Important competitive advantage of the territory is the combination of waterways, motor roads and railway lines.
  • The residents of the park can locate their production facilities on the premises of an operating port, which already has reshipment and freight handling facilities, and the overcapacity of engineering networks.
  • The resident of the park - Evraz Yuzhniy Stan – implements a combined small-section rolling mill project).  Total investment volume into the project is 5,337.5 million rubles. The project will be commissioned in 2016.


Gukovo Industrial Park

  • Gukovo is a coal-mining mono-town located in the west of Rostov region. However, the coal industry in Gukovo exhausted its performance potential back in the times of the USSR.
    Today, Gukovo is a perspective territory of rapid development, №1 in the south of Russia in investment appeal for new plants and factories.

  • Gukovo offers industrial investors an unprecedentedly low cost of the “entrance ticket” and the most profitable (low-cost) conditions for their projects implementation, new production facilities construction.

  • Gukovo offers a well-developed infrastructure, high-quality and accessible human capital. Gukovo’s labour resources amount to 40,000 people. Approximate volume of labour resources within 50 km from the town is 130,000 people.

  • Gukovo has good transport accessibility. Distance to M4 motorway is 25 km. Distance to Rostov-on-Don is 98 km.

  • Gukovo Industrial Park is developing in the eastern outskirts of the town.  Total area of the first stage of the park is 184 hectares. The park offers the lowest costs for engineering infrastructure connection in Rostov region, and surplus of capacities of gas and water supply.

  • One of the first residents of Gukovo Industrial Park - Steel Solutions Development (Stalnye resheniya development), which has invested 1.1 billion rubles in the construction of autoclaved aerated concrete plant with the production capacity of 1200 cubic meters per day.

  • Rostov region offers the investors, who choose Gukovo, maximum incentives and preferences, including subsidies for creating engineering infrastructure.