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22 March


A pilot project of urban development aimed at harmonizing the interests of citizens and directed towards the development of the responsible pet-ownership culture will be implemented in Rostov-on-Don. The ‘‘Mars Petcare’’ company, the largest pet food producer, will improve special areas for dog walking.

The project was discussed on a business meeting of the Head of Rostov-on-Don Administration Vitaly Kushnaryov with representatives of the ‘‘Mars Petcare’’ company and the Investment Promotion Agency of Rostov Region.

Mars launched an initiative aimed to the creation of the comfortable urban environment – Vitaly Kushnaryov mentioned. The project complies with the long-term conception of Rostov-on-Don improvement and responds the time requirements. Sooner or later, such a subject as improvement of the pet management culture in the city needs to be addressed; and the Mars project gives an opportunity to carry out the important and useful undertaking using extra-budgetary sources. As it is clarified in the ‘‘Mars Petcare’’ company, the project named “The city is for those who make us better”, will allow to delineate flows of people walking in parks: dog owners will not disturb jogging people or mothers with little kids.  Different park areas will not be separated from each other, special informational plates and the necessary infrastructure will appear right along the paths for dog walking. The project is good, as it’s useful for dog owners on the one hand, and respects the interests of people who have no dogs and who sometimes don’t feel comfortable when resting in places of pet walking. Participants of the meeting in the city administrative office defined the practical steps of implementing the project, plan of cooperation between the company and city authorities. The service Active Rostov citizen, as it was decided, will conduct a canvass for the purpose of choosing parks, garden squares, avenues which will be reorganized for dog walking faster than others.

Rostov-on-Don will become the first city in Russia, where such a project will be implemented.  The main reason of choice for the Don capital – building of Mars pet food plant in Aksay district of Rostov region. The plant opening is scheduled for the autumn 2017.

“The plant construction in the Aksai district is the largest investment of “Mars” in Russia today," says Igor Burakov, the CEO of the Investment Promotion Agency of Rostov region. It is symbolic that both Mars projects – the pet food plant, that at the time of launch will be the “greenest” production of the company in the world, as well as the project of urban environment improvement are implemented in the Year of Ecology. There’s no doubt that the project of creation of equipped areas for dog walking will be beneficial for all Rostov citizens. The project is pilot, successful practices in Rostov-on-Don Mars plans to replicate in other cities of Russia”.

“We are very happy, that such an initiative was supported by the city.  Expecting the plant opening we sincerely want to make our contribution in a social life of Rostov-on-Don. We are determined to implement the project as soon as possible” – said Elena Selivanova, the external communication manager of “Mars Petcare”.

This spring several park areas of Rostov-on-Don will have special tracks for dog walking, next to which dispensers with packages for cleaning up after pets and eco-litterbins. As the result, dogowners and those who have no dogs will feel more comfortable, and parks will be cleaner.

Discussion of the project “The city is for those, who make us better” at the meeting in the Rostov administrative office.