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15 March


Problems of the Russian south first Priority Social and Economic Development Area (PSEDA) “Gukovo”,  relevant formats its competitive advantages’ promotion were discussed during the working meeting of the Civic Chamber of Rostov region Commission on economic, enterprise and innovative development. The representatives of the Rostov region employers' federation, and Investment Promotion Agency of Rostov region took part in the dialog.

"Attracting investments in Gukovo, we focus primarily on industrial projects that give the greatest added value, including to the local budget," said Igor Burakov, the CEO of the Investment Development Agency of Rostov region. "Moreover, building of new plants and factories is the biggest help that small businesses can provide, since advanced industries create attractive working places, pay a decent salary, and generate demand for various services and products of small enterprises."

In turn, Vasily Vysokov, the chairman of the Board of “Tsentr-Invest” Bank, believes that it’s necessary to take into consideration not only investors, but also the educational and cultural environment, to help social, enterprise initiatives. Member of the regional Civic Chamber, the legendary director of “Rostselmash”, the hero of socialist labour Yuri Peskov, and the honorary freeman of Rostov region Nikolay Pivovarov shared their own point of view on priority actions for the PSEDA “Gukovo” development.

“Attracting investors to Gukovo, we should concentrate on labour-intensive manufacturing, for example, assemblies, which will have many working places, – Yuri Peskov said. - The most important thing is to retain qualified staff, to give work to people, who have lost it after closure of mines and other related businesses.”

It’s scheduled to hold a visiting session of the Civic Chamber Commission of Rostov region in Gukovo in May. On the PSEDA site, it is planned to initiate wider discussions on the essential problems of the so-called mining territories of the Don region.



Working meeting of the Civic Chamber Commission of the Rostov Region on the economic, enterprise, and innovative development