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11 October


TechnoNIKOL Corporation plant in Rostov region is recognized as the best plant of the industry in 2017. The decision was made by the expert jury of the 12th Global Insulation Conference & Exhibtion 2017, an international conference and exhibition of heat insulation, which was held in Krakow, Poland.

According to Vasily Tkachev, Director of TechnoNIKOL Mineral insulation Department, the expert jury of Global Insulation evaluated all modern heat insulation productions. The selection criteria included productivity and environmental friendliness of a plant, quality of production process and products.

-    While implementing the project in Rostov region, TechnoNIKOL Corporation focused on flagship technologies and advanced solutions in the sphere building materials production, - said Igor Burakov, Director General of Investment Promotion Agency of Rostov Region. - The new rock wool plant is considered one of the most modern in Europe and the largest in the south of Russia. The decision of the expert jury of Global Insulation is the proof of this.

The rock wool plant has been operating in the Krasny Sulin industrial park for more than a year, it is a new industry for Rostov region. The project is included in the Governor's Hundred (the high-priority investment projects in Rostov region), has become the largest TechnoNIKOL plant over the past 3 years. The volume of the company's own investments has reached 3.5 billion rubles. As a comparison, TechnoNIKOL invested 2 billion rubles in a new rock wool plant in Khabarovsk, and 1.7 billion rubles in the construction of a third production line in Chelyabinsk.

TechnoNIKOL used more than 60% of investments for the new generation equipment of the plant. Three leading European companies carried out design of the production line, «connection» of solutions and installation of the line on the site. TechnoNIKOL pays special attention to reducing harmful impact on the environment. Almost 127 million rubles were allocated for these purposes within the framework of the investment project.